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Pawel Rolka, Bar and Grill Manager


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Coq d`Argent

No 1 Poultry EC2R 8EJ

London, United Kingdom

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Pawel is the Bar and Grill Manager at the Coq d`Argent Bar and Restaurant. He is driven by his passion for exploring new flavours and customer satisfaction. Pawel believes his job is not only to make delicious drinks, but also to create special moments for the people that he serves. After being in the industry for over 7 years, Pawel strives to inspire his team and ensure the best customer experience by sharing his passion, assuming a strong leadership role, and using a hands-on approach to management.

¿Por qué Crystal Head?

Pawel has worked with Crystal Head since its launch in the UK. He favours CHV above other vodkas because of its smooth taste. He enjoys the dry and clean vodka because it is perfect to create delicious cocktails.


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50 ml (1 ¾ oz.) Crystal Head Vodka

15 ml (½ oz.) Koko Kanu

100 ml (3 ½ oz.) pinapple juice

20 ml (¾ oz.) lychee

4 dashes chili essence

7-9 coriander leaves

1 kafir lime leaf


Cómo mezclar

Blend all ingredients in a blender with crushed ice. Pour into a large glass. Garnish will chili and lychee.


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