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Sophie Bratt


Acerca de

Sophie started bartending and glass collecting while attending university and found her calling in the bar industry.

The great appeal to bartending for Sophie is the new experiences everyday. She loves to interact with different cultures, ages and backgrounds of people that visit her at OXO Tower Bar. 

¿Por qué Crystal Head?

Sophie’s appeal to Crystal Head Vodka is the versatility. Sophie says, “It is a delicious vodka: sweet, clean and smooth; a perfect mixing base and amazing served chilled and straight.”

Dónde me pueden encontrar

OXO Tower Wharf

8th floor, Bargehouse St.

South Bank, London




50ml Crystal Head Aurora

18ml lemon juice

18ml Earl Grey syrup

2 dashes of absinthe

1 strawberry

Cómo mezclar

Pour all ingredients into shaker. Shake hard and fine strain into small cocktail glass.

To make Earl Grey syrup:

5 bags of Earl Grey tea steeped in 70cl of hot gomme syrup and leave to cool.


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