Dan Aykroyd on Joe Rogan #1351

On September 12th, 2019, Dan Aykroyd sat down with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to discuss UFO's, cars, John Alexander, the thirteen crystal skulls, and of course Crystal Head Vodka. 


Joe Rogan's podcast on is followed by 6.37 million subscribers on YouTube, and features interviews with diverse and interesting guests from many different backgrounds. He has previously been joined by Jay Leno, Bernie Sanders, Lance Armstrong, and most recently, Dan Aykroyd. The two hour long episode discusses a multitude of topics, from Dan's beliefs of the supernatural Bigfoot, to Crystal Head Vodka, as the two sip on the pure spirit with a slice of lemon. 

In discussing Crystal Head Vodka, Dan explains the production process from the Canadian corn sourced in Chatam, Ontario, the transportation to Newfoundland to one of the last state-owned distilleries in Canada, and explains why Crystal Head Vodka chose to distill their product there using the water from the original Wisconsin glacier, and why Herkimer diamonds are a part of the purification process. Rogan leaves off the episode by stating: “Im never buying any other vodka again— how about that? For the rest of my life."

The episode currently boasts 3.5 million views. Watch it here.