Irresistibly Fresh Cocktails for Easter

As temperatures begin to rise and the flowers start to bloom, Easter is coming in full-swing-- and we’re hopping to the occasion! For some, Easter means all-things pastel, brunching with loved ones, Easter egg hunts, or our favourite, indulging in festive treats! Of course, when we say treats-- we’re not JUST thinking of chocolate.

Whether you’re celebrating this Easter at home, virtually or safely gathered, this vibrant holiday can’t be complete without some fun, cheerful cocktails. We can’t deny our love for Mini Eggs, but trust us: they’re even better when paired with vodka. Grab your Easter basket, gather these ingredients and shake up one (or two) of these bright, fresh Crystal Head cocktails!

What’s Up Doc?

2 oz. Crystal Head Vodka

2 oz. Fresh Carrot Juice

1 ½ oz. Mott’s Clamato Reserve 

¾ oz. Fresh Lime Juice

3-4 Dashes Tabasco

4-5 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce



Shake ingredients on ice and strain into a Collins glass with ice and celery salt rim. Garnish with cucumber ribbon skewer and lime.


Hoppin’ Good Margarita

1 ½ oz. Crystal Head Onyx

½ oz. Mezcal

¾ oz. Agave

¾ oz. Fresh Lime Juice

Muddled Raspberries & Mint Leaves



Muddle ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake on ice. Double strain into a rocks glass with aking cube. Garnish with raspberry skewer and mint crown.