Chris Baldwin

Lioness of Leith 

21-25 Duke St, EH6 8HH

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Chris  Baldwin began working in the beverage and alcohol industry 15 years ago and is now consulting at some of the hottest bars and restaurants in Edinburgh.

His love for the social aspect of his work is clearly reflected in the time and passion he takes to help people develop and understand flavour profiles through delicious cocktails. For his customers that don’t know exactly what to order or want to try something new,  Chris will build a cocktail beginning to end, fully engaging them through the process.  

Chris’ passion also carries through in his success in team building. He brings together people that play as hard as they work and enjoys leading young bartenders into discovering their potential.



Why Crystal Head?

It is the high quality and attention to detail reflected in the Crystal Head Vodka brand that is deeply appealing to Chris. There is a dedication and synergy with all parts of the brand that he associates strongly with.  For Chris, the vodka tastes great and mixes well, completing his joy of serving a premium product and luxurious experience to his customers.

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