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Claudia Cabrera Rodriguez, Bar Manager


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Kaito Bar Izakaya

Pestalozzi 1238, 03100

Second floor

México City, Mexico


Claudia Cabrera Rodriguez is the bar manager at Kaito Bar Izakaya in México City. She started in the food industry at 20 years of age and quickly fell in love with mezcal. After that, Claudia went to Vancouver and studied at the Metropolitan Bartending school, where she realized this is what she wanted to do for life. She then travelled back to México to work with mezcal and organic cocktails for many years. Now Claudia passionately works at Kaito, where you can watch her curate cocktails with all the distillates she can find!

Warum Crystal Head?

The best part of Claudia's job is staying creative by making cocktails every day. There is nothing more creative than working with Crystal Head: amazing quality, great taste and awesome bottle presentation. On top of this, Crystal Head is easy to fall in love with, no matter how you take your drink - straight up or in a cocktail!


BEWERTUNG:  4.92 (25 votes) | SCHWIERIGKEITSSTUFE:  Leicht


50 ml Crystal Head

25 ml Lime Juice

30 ml Lemongrass

25 ml Basil and Matcha Syrup 



Combine everything in the shaker, double strained in old fashioned


Add 6 drops of Green Chartreuse mixed with Clorophile Drops

(Mix 1 oz. water 1 oz. Clorophile 1 oz. Green Chartreuse)

Keep in a small dropper.


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