Anton Peschka, Bartender

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Hammond Bar
Taborstraße 33, 1020

Vienna, Austria

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Anton Peschka joined the industry simply because of family tradition. He grew up in a restaurant, inheriting the passion for gastronomy through his great-grandfather, who was a passionate cook. 

He has always worked hard to get where he his today - and it was not always easy. No matter what cocktail Anton makes, whether shaken or stirred, he lives in the moment and enjoys every second.

The one thing that keeps Anton in this industry is the realization that he can inspire others through his cocktail creations. He also never forgets what he is part of - the Viennese Bar Community.

Perche’ Crystal Head?

For Anton, Crystal Head Vodka captivates him with its creamy, clear, vanilla notes. He uses our product because of its unique taste, and it maintains a good balance with the other ingredients in his cocktails. All in all, Anton appreciates the story behind the brand.

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