Anton Peschka, Bartender

Cocktail: The Traveller and the Farmer

Hammond Bar, Taborstraße 33, 1020

Vienna, Austria


Anton Peschka joined the industry simply because of family tradition. He grew up in a restaurant, where he inherited his love for gastronomy. Even his great-grandfather was a passionate cook. 

Anton's many years of hard work have taugh him to enjoy every moment, no matter the drink he is creating. What he loves most is inspiring people with his drinks and being a part of the Viennese Bar Community.

Why Crystal Head?

Anton uses Crystal Head Vodka because of its unique taste, creamy texture and clear vanilla notes. It keeps a good balance when mixed with the other ingredients. Anton also is passionate about the story behind its making.

The Traveller and the Farmer

RATING:  4.25 (16 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Easy


2 oz. Crystal Head Vodka

1 oz. homemade Peach Shrub

1/3 oz. homemade clarified Corn

1/3 oz. Fino Sherry

Splash of Pommeau de Normandie

How To Mix

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice, stir until it’s cold and strain it into a cocktail glass.


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