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Anton Peschka, Bartender

Cocktail: The Traveller and the Farmer

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Hammond Bar, Taborstraße 33

1020 Vienna, Austria


Why they joined the industry:

Family tradition! I grew up in a restaurant, even my great-grandfather was a passionate cook. I, therefore, inherited the passion for gastronomy.

Highlights of job:

I have worked for a long time to be where I am now. That was not always easy. Therefore, no matter what drink I make, whether I shake or stir, I enjoy the moment. It's great when I realize that I can inspire with my drinks. Besides, it's nice to be part of the Viennese Bar Community.

Why Crystal Head?

The crystal head convinces me with its creamy, clear vanilla notes. I use it because of its unique taste. He keeps a good balance with the other ingredients. And I like the story behind his making.

The Traveller and the Farmer

RATING:  5.00 (3 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Easy


7 cl Crystal Head Vodka

2,5 cl homemade Peach Shrub

1 cl homemade clarified Corn

1 cl Fino Sherry

0,5 cl Pommeau de Normandie

How To Mix

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice, stir until it’s cold and strain it into a cocktail glass.


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