Carlos Jasso, Mixologist

Hotel Viceroy

Paseo Malecón San Jose Lote 8, Zona Hotelera, 23400

San José del Cabo, Mexico


Carlos Jasso has been working in the beverage and alcohol industry for the past 11 years, first starting as a barista. He soon developed a passion for working in bars and making cocktails, after meeting chef Pedro Martin Rodriguez from Canarias six years ago. Chef Pedro Martin Rodriguez worked at Kaye, a restaurant in Mexico. Jasso took on the responsibility of leading the Kaye’s bar to ensure that it was running smoothly. This opportunity allowed him to learn from some of the most respected and influential people in the industry. It also provided him with the expertise to begin creating his own cocktails.

Jasso's exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry equipped him to provide consulting services to other bars. He is currently working as a mixologist at Hotel Viceroy in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Why Crystal Head?

Crystal Head Vodka’s unique story caught Jasso’s attention. He was captivated by the shape and exterior design of the bottle, and was fascinated by the legend of the 13 skulls. Jasso loves using Crystal Head. The high quality and smoothness of Crystal Head makes it the ideal product for Jasso to use in his cocktails. Jasso has also been a Ghostbuster’s fan since he was a child. Knowing that Dan Aykroyd is one of the founders of Crystal Head has made him even more inclined to use Crystal Head in his cocktails.


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