Dawid "Panda" Pytkowski

Cocktail: Clear is the New Black

El Koktel, Warsaw, Poland

Wojciecha Górskiego 9, 00-031 Warszawa, Poland



Dawid (aka Panda) Pytkowsky is a truely talented, full time bartender at El Koktel, of Poland. Panda became immersed in the bar industry twelve years ago when he stumbled into bartending “by accident” and fell in love with the vibe of the industry. Now, Panda is commited to the lifestyle, and says “I’ll die behind the bar with a smile.” 

Panda thrives in the industry from his focus on chasing after the best tastes he can, and that is why he is so immersed in his work. However, he is truly passionate about the hospitality aspect of bartending in creating and sharing quality experiences with his customers.

Why Crystal Head?

Panda is a fan of the people behind the skull. Not only does he truly believe in the Crystal Head products, but he loves the availability of creativity with the brand and the open canvas the products provide. The possibilities are endless, and Panda believes they can only be limited by one’s mind.

Clear is the New Black

RATING:  3.84 (31 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Expert


1 3/4 oz. Coffee bean infused Aurora 

2/3 oz. Ultrasonically Aged Vermouth Bianco Reduction

2 oz. reconstructed water 

Aromatised with lemon 

Bergamot and orange essential oils.

How To Mix

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir until it’s cold and strain it into a highball glass with ice. 


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