Vito Jurisic

Cocktail: Figga Colada

NOOR Bar, Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia


Vito began working in the bar industry as a bartender only three years ago, and is now working in NOOR Bar in Split, Croatia. Since beginning in the bar industry, Vito has quickly grown a passion for cocktails, and loves to learn of new and creative ways of mixing to inspire guests with his cocktail creations. His true pleasure of working in the bar industry is making guests happy.

Why Crystal Head?

Crystal Head is a unique spirit because it is such a blank canvas. It is so smooth and clean, which makes it the best to mix cocktails with. The spirit does a really great job of bringing through the flavours of a drink. This makes the job so much easier, because it allows creativity in showcasing flavours.

Figga Colada

RATING:  4.81 (27 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Expert


1¾ oz. CHV Original, ultrasonically infused with Fig

2/3 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

2/3 oz. Sugar Syrup

½ oz. Coconut Infused Egg White

Topped soda



How To Mix

Dry shake (shake without ice) then hard shake (hard with ice), strain over ice into a highball glass.


Garnish with a fig leave and 2 sprays of bergamot orange oil.


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