Toby Heap

Cocktail: Emerald Dawn

Bartender, Blue Bar at the Berkeley

London, United Kingdom


From his childhood, Toby always found the hospitality industry to stand out. He was enticed by the attentiveness of the industry workers and the lasting impressions they gave. As he grew older, Toby found that good food and drinks are great, but that it is truly a host that provides an amazing experience. This was the foundation for what drove him to pursue a career in hospitality, and sparked his love for “most” things boozy.

Toby attained his first “official” bartending job the day after his 18th birthday. Since then, he has continued to push himself to learn and work hard, while upholding his values in guest experience. He continues to be amazed by the different array of people he meets, and finds happiness in building relationships with his guests. Toby notes he is also “a bit of a geek,” and also loves delving into the science of bartending and building knowledge of spirit history. However, it is all aspects of the job that he enjoys, even when it comes to the cleaning: “my girlfriend will probably laugh at that as I’m not exactly the best at home, but with the bar I love keeping it shiny, that feeling when you look at your back bar after a heavy deep clean and all the bottles are smiling, shining back at you - it’s the little things in life.”

"Do what you love not what makes you money because you can you can still cry in a Ferrari.

That’s what I’ve done and I’ll never look back, maybe one day get that Ferrari though." - Toby.

Why Crystal Head?

"One thing I always love about a brand is a great story. As a bartender people always refer to us as story tellers, and a drink with a bit of a sub-plot always helps with engaging guests. Despite Crystal Head being a fairly new brand, there is no shortcoming of stories to tell from the two masterminds behind it: Dan Aykroyd & John Alexander, to the beauty of Newfoundland and aurora borealis, or the myths and legends of the 13 crystal skulls and their spiritual abilities. Aside from that it is after all the creative spirit, produced from the most premium materials and distilled and created with purity at its soul. Myself I prefer Aurora, using the premium quality Yorkshire Wheat gives drinks a drier, spiced note with white pepper and star anise, which I adore."

Emerald Dawn

RATING:  4.07 (15 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Expert


1 oz. Crystal Head Aurora

1 oz. Fir Lillet Blanc

½ oz. Cloudberry Cordial

¼ oz. Spruce Tip Syrup

A drop of Star Anise Distillate

1 Dash Suze

How To Mix

Stir all ingredients together in a mixing glass. Garnish chilled Nic & Nora glass with the suggested Aurora borealis shimmer effect. Pour mixture into glass.

Optional garnish scenery: Edible Apple & Fir snow, Edible Toffee Baby Pine cones & Fir branches.


Aurora borealis shimmer effect on glass (Blue, Light Green and Emerald Glitter with Glue spray done in layers)

The Taste

"With Emerald Dawn I wanted to transport you to the birthplace of Crystal Head Aurora itself is inspired by the Northern Lights. I took inapiration  of this and the terroir of Newfoundland in the creation of my drink. Using flavours you’d be able to find in the region whilst experiencing the beauty that is aurora borealis, surrounded by fir trees and snow in this surreal scenery."


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