Judicael Noel, Bar Manager

Hotel Saint-James

43 Avenue Bugaud, XVI

Paris, France


Judicael Noel has made his mark as a skilled and experienced bartender in Paris. Noel felt a passion for bartending when he found his interest in comparing spirits and finding out their origin stories. As a skilled bartender, Judicael has had exciting experiences in his field; he recalls one of his most memorable experiences as the time he served John Kerry and the US embassy at Au Collectionneur in Paris. 

Why Crystal Head?

Judicael uses Crystal Head because the premium vodka brings a pure and sweet, but intricate aspect to the drinks he makes. Judicael uses it because it's an alcohol, which brings a very interesting complexity to cocktails without spoiling the other products. For the purest, cleanest vodka, Judicael only uses Crystal Head. 

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