Cameron Coull


Sidecut Bar, Four Seasons and Residences Whistler

4591 Blackcomb Way

Whistler, Canada


Cameron Coull started in the industry as a way to begin an early career. Over the years he has grown a passion for mixing cocktails and, more specifically, creating them. 

The main draw for Cameron is the supportive attitude of the management and company at Sidecut Bar in the Four Seasons Whistler. The inspiring team has provided an encouraging atmosphere for Cameron's adventurous ideas and unique themed cocktails. 

Sidecut Bar aims to create an experience for the guest, not just a cocktail to drink. The bartenders like to experiment with distinctive flavours and unusual mixes. Sidecut Bar strives to set trends, not follow them. 


Why Crystal Head?

Throughout Cameron's career he has had the opportunity to provide a unique cocktail experience for a great number of influential clients. Among the influential figures was none other than, Crystal Head co-founder, Dan Aykroyd. During Aykroyd's visit, he elaborated on the story of Crystal Head and his goal to create a pure, clean-tasting product. Cameron was inspired by the passion behind Aykroyd's story and continues to use Crystal Head in his cocktail mixes to this day. 


RATING:  4.57 (30 votes) | SKILL LEVEL:  Easy


1.5 oz. Vanilla Bean Infused Crystal Head Vodka

1 oz. chocolate and cinnamon house-made liqueur

.5 oz. Sortilege Maple Whisky

pistachio foam

Fleur De Sel salt (rim)

How To Mix

Salt the rim of a coupe style glass, add vanilla Crystal Head, chocolate liqueur, and Sortilege to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds and double strain into coupe glass.


layer of pistachio foam on top


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