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1. How is the vodka crafted?

The process begins with highest quality peaches and cream corn, distilled into a neutral grain spirit. The quadruple distilled spirit is then blended with the pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada.

Finally the vodka is filtered seven times, of which three passes are through semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

Our award-winning vodka contains no additives. No glycerol. No citrus oils. No sugars. Nothing is added to enhance or mask the taste.


2.  What are Herkimer diamonds?

Herkimer diamonds are semi-precious quartz crystals.  Beautiful examples of the planet’s crystalline deposits, these stones have no colored rutilations. The most significant deposit occurs in Herkimer County, New York.  Smaller fields can be found in both Oaxaca, Mexico and in Afghanistan.

New Age belief systems profess that quartz crystals emit positive energy and are known to have properties that promote human healing and wellbeing.


3. What does filtering through Herkimer diamonds do to the vodka?

While your high-school chemistry professor would probably say that pouring vodka over quartz crystals does nothing to materially enhance the product, consumers do taste the difference.

Though we can’t explain it, taste-testers who sample Crystal Head Vodka with and without the triple Herkimer diamond filtration, resoundingly choose the Herkimer diamond fluid.  When asked to articulate their preference, comments ranged from “It was smoother” to “It tasted the best.”


4. Where is Crystal Head Vodka produced?

Crystal Head is produced in St. John’s, Newfoundland—an island located off the Canadian coast, at one of the last government owned distilleries in the world.

It is there that the raw spirit is reduced with Newfoundland glacial water to 40% alcohol by volume. Our distillery is a superb facility, with exacting quality-control standards.


5. Does Crystal Head produce flavours?

Crystal Head does not produce flavoured vodka.

Crystal Head Vodka is popular because it provides the consumer a blank canvas for customization of flavours and ingredients.


6. When and where was Crystal Head Vodka first released?

Crystal Head Vodka was first launched in Southern California in September 2008. By November, the product had been launched in four other U.S. markets.

The 5,400 cases initially produced quickly ran out. In turn, dealers in many areas were limited to one bottle per consumer. As demand could not be met, additional markets were not opened until 2009.

Since then, our premium vodka has won a number of medals in contests ranging from the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, CA, to the Australian Liquor Industry Awards and the PRODEXPO in Moscow, Russia, where the fluid was awarded a gold medal in the category of “Excellent Taste,” in competition with 400 other products.


7.  Who designed the bottle?

The bottle was designed by John Alexander, a world-renowned American portrait artist and landscape painter.

His work is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Corcoran Museum and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, the Houston Museum of Fine Art, as well as by private collectors all over the globe.

Each Crystal Head bottle is manufactured to exacting standards at Milan-based Bruni Glass. The design process took over two years, but when the prototype was complete Bruni declared the bottle to be of unsurpassed complexity.


8. Why a Crystal Head bottle?

According to legend, thirteen Crystal skulls held by native tribes in the Americas, the Navajo, Aztec and Maya, can be used to project positive energy and enlightenment.

Inspired by this legend, our founders sought to craft a bottle worthy of one of the world’s purest vodkas.

Alexander drafted, Aykroyd consulted, and together they envisioned the Head. Not a skull, but a head. A symbol of life to reflect the legend’s message of spiritual power and enlightenment. An exquisite vessel to house a white spirit of super natural purity.

Ultimately, we thought there could be no better vessel to hold our “Pure Spirit”: clean, additive-free vodka.


9. What size bottles are available?

We manufacture 50 mL, 700 mL, 750mL, 1.75L and 3 L bottles.


10. Is Crystal Head Vodka merchandise available for sale?

The online store was closed in December 2013 and there are no authorized dealers selling Crystal Head merchandise.


11. Where can Crystal Head Vodka be purchased?

Please visit our “Where-to-Buy Section” for a retail store near you that carries Crystal Head Vodka: http://crystalheadvodka.com/en/wheretobuy

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