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VIP Taste Testing

Earlier this week, Crystal Head invited VIP’s to an exclusive tasting event to experience for themselves the new expression of Crystal Head.  

Aurora, which launched in the US this past November, is a wheat based vodka, unlike the original corn based. 

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Gold Medal at Frontier Buyers' Forum

Crystal Head Vodka is proud to be awarded the Gold Medal by Frontier Magazine’s Buyers’ Forum for our unique and high quality brand.

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Kiehl's & Crystal Head Halloween Event

Kiehl's Canada and Crystal Head collaborate to bring a special Halloween experience.

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UK Launch CHV Aurora

It was an exciting October in the UK with the launch of Crystal Head’s wheat based vodka, Aurora, at The Edition Hotel in London on October 14th, 2015. 

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Paris Fashion Week 2015

It’s Paris Fashion Week and it would not be complete without an after party with Vivienne Westwood!

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King East Design District 2015

Crystal Head had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with King East Design District for the Life Style Art Fair in Toronto, Ontario. 

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Gentleman's Expo 2015

Last weekend was the Gentleman's Expo, an event that celebrates all things that encompass a true gentleman.

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