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News / King East Design District 2015

King East Design District 2015


Local Ontario artists used the 1.75 L Crystal Head bottle to create a brilliant piece of art using their unique visions and skills – the results were phenomenal!

Each piece was put on display at the Life Style Fair VIP Opening Party to be auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity GTA.

Artists are listed from Left to Right.

Natasha Kudashkina

Michael Donaldson

Michelle Bohn

Justin Broadbent

David Newman

Mike Hammer

Jessica Gorlicky

Bareket Kezwer

Richard Jacobson

Stan Olthuis

Will Graham

Dana Tosic

While guests bid on the beautiful creations, they were invited to enjoy delicious cocktails provided by Crystal Head. Not only was Crystal Head the perfect pure, blank canvas for mixologists to create delicious cocktails, but the vessel itself became a perfect canvas for the artists’ creative touch!

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