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News / Limited Edition Lunar New Year Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

Limited Edition Lunar New Year Crystal Head Vodka Bottle



In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, Crystal Head Vodka is releasing the Dragon bottle, which will be available in select markets in limited quantities. 


Across Asia, dragons are cultural symbols representing good fortune, power, and harmony. Revered as protectors, dragons are commonly associated with water and are believed to rule over rain and agriculture.


In folklore, the dragon came fifth in the Great Race to decide the order of the 12 zodiac animals. During the race, the dragon stopped to bring rain to help the people and creatures on earth and was further delayed when it came to the aid of the rabbit- who had fallen into the water- by pushing it to the shore with its breath.


The iconic skull-shaped Crystal Head bottle is decorated in a rich, metallic red colour and features a hand-drawn, captivating design with a sophisticated finish. A gold dragon, detailed on the bottle’s surface, symbolizes strength and good fortune. The delicate cherry blossom flowers and branches represent beauty and renewal. This combination of elements creates a visually stunning and culturally meaningful composition, turning the bottle into a beautiful work of art. This bottle will be available in a gold metal and wood cage.


This limited-edition bottle contains Crystal Head’s multi-award-winning original vodka, distilled four times from the highest quality, locally sourced Canadian corn.


Crystal Head Vodka contains zero sugar, is additive-free, and is gluten-free. 

Price will vary per market (approximately $110 USD).




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