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*NEW* Crystal Head Vodka Canned Cocktails


Keeping to the brand’s values of ultra-premium ingredients Crystal Head Vodka is shaking up the cocktail scene with the launch of two iconic cocktails in sleek cans: the Espresso Martini, and the Cosmopolitan. Enjoy these bar-quality crafted cocktails in convenient 100 mL cans at 20% ABV.


Crystal Head Vodka uses only the highest-quality ingredients to create unique expressions of ultra-premium vodka that are completely additive and sugar-free. We do this for the creative spirits who think differently- to inspire them for their creative pursuits and to unleash their creativity without compromise.


“Crystal Head Vodka has always been about pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. With the launch of our canned cocktails, we’re taking innovation to the next level. It was time to bring the premium taste and Creative Spirit of Crystal Head Vodka to a compact can and add some excitement to the canned cocktail scene,” said Dan Aykroyd, co-founder of Crystal Head Vodka. “We’ve meticulously crafted each recipe to offer a premium taste and the experience of bar-quality cocktails, using only the highest quality ingredients.”


This innovative venture of small-batch quality canned cocktails marks Crystal Head’s debut in the world of canned cocktails, showcasing our innovative approach to mixology and commitment to quality.


Crystal Head’s Original vodka is expertly blended with premium nitro-brewed coffee, natural chocolate flavour, and a touch of agave to add some sweetness for a decadent pick-me-up, perfect for any occasion.

Shake up this Espresso Martini in a shaker with ice, then strain it into a martini glass for the perfect serve every time.

Crystal Head’s Original vodka, pure cranberry juice, natural lime extract, and triple sec combine for a refreshing and sophisticated sipper.

Shake up this Cosmopolitan in a cocktail shaker with ice, then strain it into a martini glass for the best results.

Elevate your nights and redefine the art of celebration by shaking up a can of Crystal Head Vodka’s premium, bar-quality experiences at your convenience.


Crystal head vodka canned cocktails are available in select states in mid-March for $4.99 USD. Please contact your local liquor retailer for availability.


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