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Crystal Head Vodka is shaking up the cocktail scene with the launch of two iconic cocktails in sleek, convenient cans: the Espresso Martini and the Cosmopolitan. Embodying the spirit of creativity and excellence, Crystal Head Vodka's new canned cocktail offerings boast the brand's Original vodka crafted from Canadian corn, blended with premium ingredients, delivering a perfectly balanced craft-quality cocktail experience without the fuss.
Each sleek black 100 mL can (20% alc./vol.) delivers skillfully mixed cocktails and the premium taste of Crystal Head Vodka directly to your home. With every sip, individuals experience the brand's commitment to creativity and quality, inspiring them to embrace their inner Creative Spirit.

For coffee lovers, The Espresso Martini captures the essence of a freshly brewed coffee-infused masterpiece. Crystal Head’s Original vodka is blended with premium nitro-brewed coffee, natural chocolate flavor and a touch of agave to add a hint of sweetness for a decadent pick-me-up perfect for any occasion. In a cocktail shaker, shake up this Espresso Martini with ice and pour it into a chilled martini glass for a perfect serve every time.

Designed for those who crave zest and freshness, the Cosmopolitan offers a bright mix of Crystal Head’s Original vodka, pure cranberry juice, natural lime extract, and triple sec, all coming together for a refreshing burst on a classic Cosmo. This is your passport to cocktail hour. Like the Espresso Martini, chill, shake in a cocktail shaker with ice, and serve in a frozen martini glass for the best results.

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