San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2022

Crystal Head Vodka is excited to announce its success at the 2022 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge.

The San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge brings together a team of judges from all over California to taste and classify wines and spirits awarding gold, silver or bronze medals depending on their precise rating.

Crystal Head Vodka is proud to be recognized for the following awards:

  • Best Vodka Award – Crystal Head Aurora – 94 points
  • Platinum Award – Crystal Head Aurora – 94 points
  • Gold Award – Crystal Head Vodka Original – 92 points

Crystal Head Vodka is a multi-award-winning vodka, using only the highest-quality ingredients to create unique expressions of ultra-premium vodka completely additive-free. Crystal Head's original vodka is crafted from locally sourced Canadian corn, offering a silky-smooth vodka with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. Aurora uses the highest-quality English wheat with its iridescent metallized finish bottle, offering a crisp, drier, bolder vodka. Onyx is the first commercially available agave-based vodka with subtle hints of agave, citrus, green grass and white pepper. All the Crystal Head expressions are blended with the pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada and filtered through Herkimer diamonds as a final distinctive touch.