Emerald Dawn


1 oz. Crystal Head Aurora

1 oz. Fir Lillet Blanc

½ oz. Cloudberry Cordial

¼ oz. Spruce Tip Syrup

A drop of Star Anise Distillate

1 Dash Suze

How To Mix

Stir all ingredients together in a mixing glass. Garnish chilled Nic & Nora glass with the suggested Aurora borealis shimmer effect. Pour mixture into glass.

Optional garnish scenery: Edible Apple & Fir snow, Edible Toffee Baby Pine cones & Fir branches.


Aurora borealis shimmer effect on glass (Blue, Light Green and Emerald Glitter with Glue spray done in layers)

The Taste

"With Emerald Dawn I wanted to transport you to the birthplace of Crystal Head Aurora itself is inspired by the Northern Lights. I took inapiration  of this and the terroir of Newfoundland in the creation of my drink. Using flavours you’d be able to find in the region whilst experiencing the beauty that is aurora borealis, surrounded by fir trees and snow in this surreal scenery."

RATING:  4.07 (15 votes)
Bar:Blue Bar at the Berkley